Check out this custom-built coffee shop constructed from repurposed shipping containers, designed and built for a local client! The inviting interior boasts comfortable seating for a relaxing atmosphere, while the spacious design offers both indoor and outdoor seating options. Enjoy your favorite coffee drink year-round, rain or shine!

This modern coffee shop is constructed from repurposed shipping containers.

Offering a stylish blend of industrial chic and comfort. Inside, a spacious yet intimate environment featuring comfortable wood furnishings and exposed steel accents.

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Fully-equipped.The well-appointed kitchen area boasts ample storage for food prep and cooking, ensuring fresh and satisfying coffee and food options.  Convenient customer restrooms are also included.

Built to last: Our high-quality shipping container coffee shops are meticulously crafted with durable materials, designed to withstand the elements and provide a long lifespan (up to 15+ years).  They feature high-performance insulation for year-round comfort, integrated electrical and plumbing systems for functionality, and a sleek, easily clean interior.  

The exterior boasts weather-resistant Corten steel with a marine-grade coating for a distinctive touch.

We can create any type of hospitality or retail unit from shipping containers, including bars, drive-thru coffee shops, fast food units, and more!

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