Imagine fresh, delicious milk straight from the farm, right next door! The innovative AgriBox allows farmers to sell milk directly to consumers for the ultimate in freshness. It’s “field to shop” at its finest!

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Customer Convenience:

  • Secure & Vandal-Resistant: Steel doors ensure product safety and peace of mind.
  • Inviting & User-Friendly: Bright interior with clear branding creates a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Ramp Access: Provides easy entry for everyone.
  • Multiple Purchase Options:
    • Fresh Milk Vending Machines: Quick and easy access to farm-fresh milk.
    • Refrigerated Displays: Explore a variety of dairy products and farm fresh produce.
    • Bring Your Own Container (BYOC): Sustainable option for customers to refill their own bottles.


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Farm Fresh Efficiency:

  • On-site Pasteurisation: The back of the unit can house equipment for processing milk.
  • 24/7 Sales Potential: Optional Wi-Fi and e-commerce setup allow for around-the-clock sales.
  • Security Cameras: Ensure peace of mind for both farmers and customers.

Built to Last (15+ Years):

Our AgriBoxes are constructed using high-quality, durable materials selected for their performance and longevity. Each component is meticulously chosen to guarantee a lifespan exceeding 15 years.


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